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Pilot and embarkation ladders

Since 2000, MARKO LTD ( Ukraine ) has produced a wide range of marine rigging. The quality of our rigging goods gets a high estimate of experts and customers. Rigging manufactories are placed on the basis of service centers in Ilichevsk, Uzhny, Kiev.
We produce pilot and embarkation ladders under completely new technology of fastening which was developed by our specialists. As a result ladders can take a tenfold load, provide more safety, has high endurance and increased life time of the equipment. At MARKO Ltd. service centers is carrying out tests, maintains and re-examination of ladders, lines knotted and other rigging goods. All works executed according to Recognition Certificate for manufacturer №06.80004.180.
Each item (either pilot or embarkation ladders) has Quality certificate of producer and Certificate of RS.

You can make an inquiry or ask you question by e-mail: mkbeliy@gmail.com

commerсial dept. of
MARKO Ltd (Odessa, Ukraine)
+38 067 451-02-

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Автор Марко ЛТД/Сергей (Одесса)
Телефон 0674510266
E-mail mkbeliy@gmail.com
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